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Kathy Phillips | President
Turning Point was established in April of 2001 and built on the premises that all goals are obtainable. -Since the age of 18, I [Kathy Phillips] was an Independent Provider, had worked for two different companies, and the Mahoning County Board of DD. BUT, the story really starts before that! While attending Glenwood Middle School, I would spend my study halls volunteering in Mr. Holden's Special Education Class in the high school. Mr. Holden later became the superintendent of MRDD, and one day I got a call from him saying he had someone he wanted me to meet, and that someone needed my help. In 1984 I received my private provider certification and for the next 17 years, I worked in Mahoning and Trumbull County providing independent and agency services. After having my first child in 2000, my brother in law Tod Tusinac took a leap of faith, and believed that my sister Mary Kay and I could create a company to provide quality service with the heart and love of a family. Mary Kay’s dream was to become a Special Education Teacher, so I knew her heart would be in it. Tod shared in my vision and offered me the start-up money to begin my dream - which I agreed to only IF Mary Kay joined me; and the journey began. Now years later we have an extended family of over 200 individuals that we provided some type of support services to. We are fulfilling our dream and helping others to achieve theirs at the same time-.