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Miranda Tusinac | Job Developer
“The best part of my job is being able to spend time with people who really enjoy life. I love teaching Poetry and Russian to everyone at No Limits, because it enriches their lives with art and culture, and also makes me learn new ideas from them as well. It is truly an amazing experience working for Turning Point”.
Miranda Tusinac is currently going to Youngstown State University for a Major in English and a Minor in Creative Writing, and plans to continue her schooling to earn a PH.D in Early American Literature. She has always enjoyed enriching people’s lives, and from an early age helped care for individuals in this community; “I’ve [Miranda] known some of the individuals that live with Turning Point, as well as go to our workshop, since I was about 6 years of age, so many of the individuals that come to No Limits are like family to me. I love being able to come to work every day and see faces that I grew up with, it is truly a blessing”. Miranda has been working for No Limits since 2010, and works as the Director’s Secretary and Activity Coordinator, but also teaches Russian and Poetry to the individuals at No Limits, creating an atmosphere that truly encourages learning and thinking outside of the box.